Great Risings,

As Golden Dawn continues to evolve, the website is not only just the one-stop-shop for every juice fanatic who wants to create delicious, nutritious juices. Most importantly, you’ll also get a peek into our thoughts on spirituality itself through children books and culture focused flash cards. Moreover, a clothing line designed to meet the needs of todays environment.

Our Mission

Golden Dawn embraces numerous general attitudes toward life: we encourages non-attachment and non-conformity to the world, a “being in the world, but not of the world”; a lack of egotism; and a respect for the freedom and dignity of other beings.

Nonetheless, it appertains to the intuition and wisdom of every individual knowledge of spiritual truth, to distill from these principles individual guidelines for their personal application.

Our Vision

We have different views of the words “ethics” and “morality”. Such systems usually originate with the Demiurge and are covertly designed to serve his purposes. 

If, on the other hand, morality is said to consist of an inner integrity arising from the illumination of the indwelling spark, then the Golden Dawn will embrace this spiritually informed existential ethic as ideal.