Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs That Are Aphrodisiacs


Are you struggling with your love life? Don’t worry! You have come to the right place. There are natural ways that can help you make your bedtime stories memorable. How? Let us look at these fruits and vegetables that are considered aphrodisiacs. In addition, how they can lift up your mood.

Yes! The right foods can put you in the right mood. Aphrodisiacs are named after Aphrodite, which is the Greek goddess of love. Aphrodisiacs are foods that shoot up your sexual desire and increase your libido. But do these foods really work? What ingredient in these foods make you crave bed shenanigans? We will look at those fruits, vegetables, and herbs in detail.

According to the United States Food and Drug Authority, there is no scientific proof that aphrodisiacs work to spike your desires. However, there are certain elements in these foods that make you feel good. Most fruits, such as strawberries, cherries, and pomegranates are packed with antioxidants. When you consume more antioxidants, the blood flow in your body increases, hence, improving erectile function. For instance, consuming chili peppers leads to bodily sensations because of capsaicin.

Below are some of the fruits, vegetables, and herbs that can help to increase your sex drive. And are considered aphrodisiacs.
  • Cucumbers
  • Pineapple
  • Peach
  • Eggplant
  • Pomegranates
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberries
  • Garlic
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Maca

Let us see that how these legendary foods can get you crazy for your partner.


Cucumbers help in promoting your sexual health and boost your energy levels, as this common vegetable is rich in manganese and Vitamin C. Both of these ingredients help increase your libido. Vitamin C is very beneficial for erectile function as it can improve your body’s blood flow. This vegetable is also considered sexy because of its erotic appearance.


Pineapple is rich in thiamine, bromelain, and Vitamin C. Vitamin and thiamine increase stamina by giving your body a rush of energy. Pineapple is particularly favorable for a man’s sex drive. Consuming pineapple can activate the production of testosterone because of a bromelain enzyme found in pineapple, and therefore it can raise a man’s desire.


Not only this fruit is famous for its sensual looks, but it can also improve your sex drive. Peach is rich in two significant vitamins, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Peaches increase blood flow in your body and provide you the required levels of energy to steal the show. Vitamin C is also known for improving sperm count.


Eggplants are packed with Vitamin B6, manganese, and potassium. All of these ingredients play an important part in improving your sex drive. Eggplant can boost your sex performance, because of the existence of Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 regulates the levels of sex hormones in your body. So the higher amounts of Vitamin B6 lead to an increased sexual desire.


We already know that antioxidants are good for your sexual health. Pomegranates are loaded with antioxidants, which reduces inflammation and improve blood flow in all parts of your body, and that means that it does not leave your erogenous zones alone. If you are striving to get improved sexual health, pomegranates can be your best friend!


Watermelon is an all-time favorite fruit. It works the same as male enhancement drugs. This juicy fruit eases your blood vessels and dilates them, so it triggers sexual arousal by increasing your body’s blood flow.


Strawberries are full of antioxidants, and they are packed with Vitamin C. Consuming high amounts of Vitamin C through these little red hearts ensures good blood flow, and higher levels of estrogen in women. An improved blood flow leads to sexual arousal and improved performance.

To magnify the results, dip strawberries in warm dark chocolate and enjoy!


Even if it is not your favorite to eat, you might not be able to turn your back towards garlic from now on. Garlic can increase your libido because of an important ingredient, allicin. Allicin increases the blood flow on your body’s sexual organs. To get the results, you need to have a small amount of garlic daily, at least for a month, and you will be surprised to see the remarkable results.

Ginkgo Biloba

This is a herbal supplement that is obtained from the ginkgo biloba tree, which is one of the early species of trees. Chinese uses this herbal supplement to treat depression and to improve sexual performance.

It helps to relax blood vessels in your body, and increases blood flow throughout your body, leading to an increased sexual drive and energy.According to a study, this supplement worked for both males and females, with stronger effects on female participants. After daily consumption of this herbal supplement, the participants reported increased excitement and sexual desire. Both males and females had experienced an increased ability to orgasm.

Those who are already taking blood-thinning supplements should consult with their respective health care providers before taking any dosage of ginkgo biloba. This is because ginkgo biloba may also work as a blood thinner.

Watermelon lemonade

Watermelon Lemonade

With aphrodisiac properties and its different nutrients watermelon is ideal for this recipe that will boost your sex life. This because, it includes citrulline and lycopene.
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Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Juicing
Keyword: Aphrodisiac, ED, lemon, libido, medicinal, watermelon
Total Time: 12 minutes
Calories: 185kcal
Cost: 8


  • 3 Lemons
  • 2 cups Watermelon


  • Thoroughly clean all fruits
  • Cut the watermelon up, into cubes (do not remove the rind)
  • Feed the lemon into the juice with peel on
  • Now feed the watermelon in as well
  • Stir and enjoy
  • Use an airtight glass container or bottle for storage for unused juice
  • Store in the refrigerator to keep it fresh


Its recommended to drink this in the morning on an empty stomach.
The white matter inside the watermelon rind also contains high concentrations of citrulline, so it is recommended not to waste it.
Do not add sugar, salt, spices or any other flavors enhancers, which can reduce the power of the two main ingredients.


Calories: 185kcal | Carbohydrates: 53g | Protein: 5g | Fat: 1g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 10mg | Potassium: 788mg | Fiber: 10g | Sugar: 27g | Vitamin A: 1801IU | Vitamin C: 196mg | Vitamin E: 1mg | Calcium: 106mg | Iron: 3mg


This sweet root vegetable is typically grown in the mountains of central Peru. This aphrodisiac commonly used for boosting fertility. Moreover, it is named the “Peruvian Viagra”.

People who are on anti-depressant drugs may experience a loss in their libido as a side effect of those drugs. According to a study, consumption of maca may help people with the loss of libido.

However, more thorough studies are required to ascertain the long-term effects of maca and its safe dosages.

In conclusion

The bottom line, these fruits, and vegetables can make you feel good if you are struggling with your sex life. They are worth a try, it won’t hurt! Not only will it make your love life better but also give you a chance to eat healthy fruits and vegetables that can keep your body in good shape.

It’s time to stock up that fridge of yours with these juicy fruits and healthy vegetables to give you that aphrodisiac feeling.

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