Juicing The Fountain of Youth (Digital)(Non Apple Device)(Epub)

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Juicing: The Fountain of Youth. Learn how to juice fruits and vegetables. In addition, develop an understanding of their benefits and medicinal properties. Moreover, incorporating them into your diet, and ultimately turn back the hands of time.

Understanding common aliments and how to combat them.

Over 75 tasty and nutritious juicing recipes, including the “Korona Killa” to help combat the corona virus (CoVid-19).

3 reviews for Juicing The Fountain of Youth (Digital)(Non Apple Device)(Epub)

  1. Rosey Patel

    I downloaded the ePub version to have on my nook. I use it for all my cooking recipes as well. Been juicing almost every morning for 4 weeks. Now I look forward to my juice each morning. It’s such a great to start the day. The wolverine is one of my favorites.

  2. Linda Ray

    Honestly, I thought about downloading this ebook back in October, but I didn’t want to pay $19.99 for it. So when it went on sale for $4.99 I jumped on it. After reading some of it and trying one of the recipes…. I would have pay full price. Great book… Awesome price.

    • GoldenDawn Admin

      Thank you for the purchase and review.

  3. Peter Smith

    Definitely getting a deal considering the book is actually $25 Since download it I’ve only skimmed through it and so far I love all of the valuable information. I’m planning on doing the week juice detox, then from there starting up a juice.

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