Juicing The Fountain of Youth (Kindle Edition)

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Juicing: The Fountain of Youth. Learn how to juice fruits and vegetables. In addition, develop an understanding of their benefits and medicinal properties. Moreover, incorporating them into your diet, and ultimately turn back the hands of time.

Understanding common aliments and how to combat them.

Over 75 tasty and nutritious juicing recipes, including the “Korona Killa” to help combat the corona virus (CoVid-19).


2 reviews for Juicing The Fountain of Youth (Kindle Edition)

  1. mohsinm20a1

    I am so much in love with this book. Preparation for all the juices is very detailed. I had Corona 2 weeks ago and I used this book to cure myself. There is a juice named: Korona Killa, that helped me to combat the corona virus and increase my immunity. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

  2. emily

    This book is perfect. It helped me so much during the covid. I was so much sick due to covid. I was taking a lot of medicines but none of them seem to work on me. I starting to drink a juice included in this book: korona killa. Soon after I started drinking that juice, I was getting better. I was back in my health in just a week or two. All I have to say is that this book is amazing.

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