Juicing The Fountain of Youth (iBook Edition)

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Juicing: The Fountain of Youth. Learn how to juice fruits and vegetables. In addition, develop an understanding of their benefits and medicinal properties. Moreover, incorporating them into your diet, and ultimately turn back the hands of time.

Understanding common aliments and how to combat them.

Over 75 tasty and nutritious juicing recipes, including the “Korona Killa” to help combat the corona virus (CoVid-19).


4 reviews for Juicing The Fountain of Youth (iBook Edition)

  1. Karen Woods

    I love this book!! I purchased it about 3 days ago and only through 10 juicing recipes. I feel great. I haven’t drunk coffee in 2 days. I’ve been using the “Great Rising” recipe instead. This book differently is a must have!!!

  2. Steve Pierson

    Good book… Its a very different layout from other iBooks. I learned a lot…. I didn’t even know a tomato was a fruit until I read this book. There’s a lot of information.

  3. David Stills

    I brought a juicer last week and it didn’t come with any juicing recipes. I just happen to find this site on Facebook. For $5 I was willing to give it a shot. I haven’t read much of the book but I tried 2 of the recipes so far. And they were pretty good. It’s definitely worth 5 bucks.

  4. Maryann Swint

    When the juicing craze got big, I jumped on board. I like juice but haven’t been the biggest fan of veggies juiced. This book has a TON of really tasty recipes and combinations of veg/fruit that tastes great.

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