6 Superfoods For Detoxification and Recipes For You To Try Right Now

detox juice recipes

In this article, we will give you multiple detox juice recipes and 6 superfoods to help with the detoxification process. The human body is already fitted with detoxifying organs such as kidneys, liver, skin, lungs, and colon. These organs perform their role of removing toxic agents from our bodies. These toxins may enter our body through pollution, the poor diet having pesticides or cosmetic products.

The use of natural detox drinks is quite common for removing extra toxins from our bodies. 

What Are Detox Drinks? 

Detox drinks or teas contain water that has been infused for some time with fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs. It contains nutrients taken from the said vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Detox drinks are very common in weight-loss and skincare regimes.

They can assist your body in detoxifying toxins but can’t be used as a substitute for a proper diet. 

What are The Benefits of Detox Drinks?

Detox drinks are extremely beneficial for internal as well as external purification. They contain ingredients that not only help out our liver but also help with depression.

They also promote weight loss and healthier-looking skin. By drinking them, you ingest more fiber, vitamins, and minerals than usual.

When Should You Drink Detox Drinks?

The best time to have a detox drink is early morning on an empty stomach. This gives you a head start to spend the rest of the day feeling light and energetic.

However, teas like chamomile tea have relaxing properties so they should be taken at night before sleeping. 

Superfoods for Detoxification 

If you want to start your detox journey then you shouldn’t worry about finding the proper ingredients as they are all in your kitchen! Following are some of the items that help with detoxification.

1. Spinach: It is considered a superfood as it is densely packed with vitamins such as vitamin A, E, K, and C.Spinach is low in calories and also helps to boost our immune system. It contains antioxidants. It also increases the production of collagen thus increasing skin elasticity

2. Lemon: As you know lemon is the best source of vitamin C thus it is great for your skin. It neutralizes free radicals. They also helps our liver in removing chemical toxins from our bodies. It has anti-aging properties and also increases hydration. Lemons also repairs the liver.

3. Grapefruit: When it comes to fruits, grapefruit is one of the most nutrient-rich fruits. The pectin in it binds to the impurities in your body and removes them through urine or stool. It is a citrus fruit so it also contains vitamin C as well as vitamin A and B1.

4. Kale: Leafy green vegetables like kale contain high amounts of antioxidants. It contains vitamins A, K, and C. Kale also helps to combat inflammation. It is low in calories and is a great source of fiber. It also has anti-cancer properties.

5. Cinnamon: It is rich in antioxidizing and antibacterial compounds. It helps to decrease insulin resistance that is why it is extra beneficial for people with diabetes and PCOS. It is also highly effective for weight loss.

6. Turmeric: It is widely used as a medicine because of its amazing healing properties. It helps to increase the functioning of your immune system. Turmeric contains vitamin C, B6, and B3. It also helps in reducing inflammation. 

Detox Drinks for Weight Loss

There has been very limited research on the effects of detox drinks on weight loss. These drinks are only effective because they are very low in calories. When your diet consists of low-calorie foods then you automatically start losing weight.

You also need to follow a proper diet and exercise regularly if you want to lose weight healthily because detox drinks don’t work in the long run. You will probably regain all the weight that you lost after you stop having detox drinks. 

Detox Drinks and Skin Care

These drinks flush out all the toxins from your body which leaves you with healthier skin. Detox drinks have high amounts of vitamin C-containing ingredients that rejuvenate your skin from within. It also keeps your skin hydrated.

Detox Drinks for Digestion 

Hydration controls digestion and since detox teas increase hydration in your body, thus it helps regulate digestion and metabolism. Anti-inflammatory ingredients in detox teas are useful for de-bloating. 


Following are some healthy and delicious detox tea recipes for you to try.

lemon ginger mint water

1. Lemon, Mint, and Ginger: Cut half a lemon into circles. Chop an inch of ginger into thin slices. Take a bottle full of water and put the lemon, ginger and some mint leaves in it. Let it infuse overnight. Drink it the next day on aDn empty stomach.

green smoothie

2. Green Smoothie: Take some kale, celery, green apples, cucumber, and an inch of ginger and cut them into small pieces. Put all the ingredients in a blender. Add a cup of water and blend until smooth. Add honey for a sweet taste.

3. Orange, carrot, and beetroot: Take 2 oranges, 1 large carrot, and 2 beetroots. Peel off the skin and cut it into small pieces. One by one put them in a juicer. If you like pulp you can have it as it is otherwise you can strain it before drinking.

turmeric tea

4. Turmeric tea: Take 2 cups of water in a pan. If you have powdered turmeric then put half tbsp. in the water and boil until it reduces to half of its initial volume. Then pour it in a cup and add a pinch of black pepper and a little honey to taste.

cinnamon tea

5. Cinnamon tea: Add 2 cups of water to a pan and heat it. Just as you start seeing bubbles, add 2-3 sticks of cinnamon in the water and cover the pan with a lid. Let it simmer for 2 minutes then turn off the heat. Let it infuse for another 2 minutes. Pour it into a cup and add honey to taste.

6. ACV water: Take 2 cups of water and add 2 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar in it. Squeeze half a lemon in it and honey to taste. Stir all the ingredients together and serve immediately. You can also add a little cinnamon powder to it if you want.

How Much Safe and Sustainable are Detox Drinks?

Even though detox drinks are made with natural ingredients, still sometimes they can prove hazardous. If you substitute a detox drink for a meal then you’re not going to get the proper nutrition needed by your body for normal growth.

Some people are allergic to different kinds of herbs. You should keep your allergies in mind before adding a herb to your recipe. Some ingredients can act as a laxative which means frequent trips to the toilet and loss of water.

Store-bought detox drinks contain high levels of sugar which is harmful to your body. Excess of everything is bad. If your whole diet consists of detox recipes then you’re causing more harm than good. 

For Pregnant and Breast-Feeding Mothers

As mentioned before, some detox drinks have ingredients that act as laxatives. It causes severe dehydration due to the constant loss of water through feces.

Similarly, recipes having ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) should be avoided. If your diet doesn’t contain healthy nutrients then you won’t be able to provide for your child who is dependent on you for his nutrition.
If you want to start your fitness and health journey then starting with a detox drink is not a bad idea. Study the ingredients and find out which ingredient or recipe works the best for you.

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